MYG Integrated Servo Motors combine MYG’s brushed and brushless motors with Advanced Motion Controls’ AxCent family of servo drives to provide numerous possibilities for use in a wide range of applications.

High performance servo motor equipped with high quality servo drive

Custom servo motor for wide expandability

High bandwidth, speed, precision and stability in closed loop control

Compact integration design for device layout optimization

Complete integrated servo motor with easy configuration

MYG has 20 years of experience in the production of servo motors for the global customers. A wide variety of brushed and brushless servo motors is customizable to various powers, torques, speeds and mounting requirements, with a choice of ferrite and high-performance rare-earth magnets. MYG servo motors are characterized by the right combination of high precision, low noise and smooth rotation, as well as high temperature capability.

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(Full lists of product performance and technical parameters of brushed series (P, Q), brushless series (WD) and others are available to view and download.)

AMC (Advanced Motion Controls)’s analog drive technology has always been a well-known classic in the industry. The AxCent series drives can implement current and speed modes, and the switching frequency of the current loop can reach 33KHz. The AxCent drives provide unparalleled benefits in both simplicity and performance. Drive setup and operation does not require computer hardware or software, just via DIP Switches and Potentiometers. The AxCent family of servo drives is the perfect choice for higher application requirements (high bandwidth and fast response) at a lower cost.

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(Full lists of AxCent servo drive information and installation manuals are available to view and download.)

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