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  1. MYG’s brushless DC motors are made with multipolar windings and Neodymium Magnets. Our series of brushless DC motors have optimized magnetic field distribution and advanced winding technologies to provide stable operation and high performance.

    MYG’s motor products feature the right combination of high precision, low noise and smooth rotation, as well as high temperature capability. In addition, our motor products can be made waterproof, shockproof and salt-spray-resistant meeting IP 65-67 standards.

    Product Configurations:

    8-Pole Design Available

    Optional Optical Encoders

    Hall Sensor or Commutation Encoder

    Optional Brakes and Gearheads

    Special Shaft and Mounting Configurations

    Specific Windings and Mechanical Design

    Customized Connections

    IP Rating Sealing

    Product Applications:

    Hybrid & Electrical Vehicle Systems

    Power Steering

    Automated Assembly Machines

    X-Y-Z Positioning Machines

    Medical Equipment

    Pharmaceutical Equipment

    Semiconductor Equipment

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