Servo Motor Ranges

MYG’s servomotors are brushed DC servomotors ,brushless DC servomotors and frameless brushless DC servomotors. Our brushed DC servomotors are categorized into standard magnet and rare-earth magnetic materials. The output power range is from 10W to 1.5kW, and the size range meets American standards between NEMA 15 and NEMA 40. Our brushless DC servomotors output power are ranged from 30W to 13kW. The frameless DC brushless servomotors output power range is form 250 W to 8.1 kW.The integrated servo motor is equipped with AxCent Servo Drive of AMC (Advanced Motion Control).

MYG’s servomotors can be assembled with various tachometers, encoders, brakes, gearheads and other accessory components according to a customer’s needs.

Product Development

MYG’s design team keeps abreast of new materials application and cutting edge technology. Our experienced and well-equipped design team has extensive knowledge and strong abilities to support development and customization of cost-effective servomotors with optimum performance.


MYG’s manufacturing facility is equipped with high precision production equipment, including the latest CNC machining centers and other mechanical processing machines, as well as automatic winding machines and other testing equipment such as comprehensive armature testing rigs.

MYG’s production lines utilize fine processing control units to persistently optimize technological process to ensure high performance and quality servomotors are effectively made. We always focus on the process control methods for improving manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

Quality Standards

MYG’s quality management team is equipped with various precision testing devices to responsibly ensure that MYG’s designs, products and services are delivered to the highest standards. Our Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


MYG is based in Luoyang, Central China. We built our own 8,000-square-meter factory at Luoyang Airport Industry Zone near the local airport, where is ideally located with quick and easy access to China’s major highways, international airports and sea ports. We also have a business office in Shenzhen, Southern China.

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